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Our daily business
is never business as usual.

Incentives, special interest tours, and team-building programs for business are among the prime disciplines in staged communication.
That is why destination management at BLAGUSS rely on comprehensive expertise and a highly productive creative team. Our offer to you is straight-forward and there are no limits to the creative ideas we can implement for you.
With branch offices in Vienna, Budapest and Prague and a network of partners throughout Europe, we assure perfect coordination on a global scale.


Finding the right setting to stage any event is the be-all and end-all of a successful enterprise. We'll advise you on a range of locations between the Bodensee and Budapest, Prague and the Puszta, and find the right destination with that something extra you're looking for.


We'll find the ideal location for your event, from traditional or modern conference centres to idyllic wine taverns, from the elegance of Prague's Castle to a romantic puszta evening in Hungary.


Your professional approach certainly shines through when it comes to planning and staging each individual event on your programme, and our team puts all its experience and commitment at the service of our organisers.


Your event should make a lasting impression on participants and guests. Surprise them with an exceptional show, exciting stage acts, unforgettable music events, and much, much more.

Bus fleet

From hub cap to driver's cap, uncompromising quality has been the guiding principle of our parent company for the past 77 years. Our fleet of more than 250 travel coaches is one of the largest bus fleets in Europe.


From exclusive palace hotels to international luxury hotels, delightful country homes to deluxe alpine resorts we offer the full spectrum of accommodation.

Special interest

Looking to take your Board of Directors on a gourmet truffle excursion to the Piedmont? Or to organise a choir festival at Salzburg's Cathedral? We'll draw up programmes tailor-made to your requirements.


We also have some fantastic offers in store for those looking for that extra special experience. Original and tailor-made. Team spirit is the order of the day with all the programmes, for instance getting your sales department to bond as it comes to grips and deals with unknown problems.

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