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Heart of Europe

pragueThe history of Prague as one of the most important cultural center of the Middle Europe, is long and rich. The city has been developing for more than 10 centuries. Its amazing architecture, comprising monuments of all the great historical styles from the Romanesque to the Functionalism, is combined with a wonderful atmosphere of modern city, which has maintained its aspect of mediaeval town and its tradition.
The richness of Prague, it is not only sumptuous Baroque palaces and churches, the amazing castle panorama or luxury restaurants, but also romantic gardens, countryside-like nooks with cobbled streets and vivacious popular taverns. The melting pot that Prague always has been, presents a fantastic mixture of high and low culture, wealthy and picturesque architecture, sophisticated art and popular aircraft, high cultural events and street musicians …

Open-air museum

prague10 centuries of artistic development made from Prague one of the most amazing architectonic wholes of the world. The fantastic accumulation of houses, towers, bridges and sculptures of different styles always surprises the visitors and gives them an impression of passage through a giant museum. But the city is so full of life, colors and music! An ideal place for cultural holidays as well as for leisure.

Green city

pragueThe great architecture of Prague is pleasantly combined with greenery. Larges parks, lovely baroque gardens and several islands offer an ideal place for a relaxing walk, away of the rash of the capital city. The slightly nostalgic atmosphere of Prague fills your eyes with the beauty of the golden leafs and your heart with the joy of life.

Music: a never-ending love story

praguePraguers have always loved, composed and played classical music. The old musical heritage is still alive here, being day by day enriched by the specific Slavonic and Middle-European feeling. Works by the great Czech composers such as Smetana, Dvorak, Janacek and Martinu coexist with the international production of Kronos Quartet, Penderecki and other stars of the contemporary music.
Prague is one of the most important centers of music, many festivals and international competitions take place during the year, a lot of great compositions were written in Prague and presented there for the first time – just thing about Don Giovanni personally directed by Mozart.
The city and its inimitable atmosphere allows visitors to live their days as in times of Mozart – ride through the city in a horse carriage, have lunch in a traditional tavern and spend the evening in the sublime Prague Opera. Old quarters, mediaeval houses, meandering streets, splendid churches and mystery secluded spots nostalgically remain the glory of great historical personalities and evoke their life stories with an extraordinary power.

Beer for everybody!

beerThe secret of the Czech cuisine is hidden in the brewage that accompany the food – the worldwide famous Czech beer. The result of more than 1000 years old tradition of brewing is a large variety of excellent light and tasty as well as dark and aromatic beers. Connoisseurs even qualify it as the best beer in the world. And the proof is here: Czech people are the biggest drinkers of beer in the world – 1 litter per person per day including babies, grandmothers and teetotallers.


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